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Service List

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Date Time Service Speaker Topic/Sermon Worship Assoc Hymns Accompanist Music Sound Tech Ushers Testimonies Coffee Greeters Desk Duty Welcome
Sun Mar 25 9:30am Worship Rev. Carl "Artificial Intelligence and the Rise of the Robots [Artificial Intelligence] [+3/20: stones]" Danielle Grace 347 밎ather the Spirit
121 밯e뭠l Build a Land
Susan Holt Stephen Darnell Lisa Bromfie
  11:30am Worship
Sun Apr 1 9:30am Worship Rev. Carl "How a Forbidden Religion Swept the World [Easter] [Lora 300-500 Hist of Global Xnity]" Lora P-H 61 밚o, the Earth Awakes Again
276 밢 Young and Fearless Prophet
Nick Int Veldt Choir
  11:30am Worship
Sun Apr 8 9:30am Worship Youth Group "Actions for Peace & Justice [Youth Sunday]" Lora Nick Int Veldt Nick Int Veldt
  11:30am Worship
Sun Apr 15 9:30am Worship Rev. Carl "Human Rights & Liberal Internationalism [+Flower Communion] [+SP]" Katie Giarth 159 밫his Is My Song, 318 밯e Would Be One Nick Int Veldt Choir Split-Plate
  11:30am Worship
Sun Apr 22 9:30am Worship Rev. Carl "Malthus, Earth Day, & Global Population" Danielle Grace 1067 "Mother Earth, Beloved Garden (verses 1-5)
1064 밄lue Boat Home
Susan Holt Scarlet Coleman & Julia Jones
  11:30am Worship
Sun Apr 29 9:30am Worship Rev. Carl "Elizabeth Bishop [National Poetry Month] [+MDF]" Nancy Pace Danielle Grace Danielle Grace Nancy Pace
  11:30am Worship
Sun May 6 9:30am Worship Rev. Carl "Ralph Waldo Emerson" Renee Wimer Nick Int Veldt Choir
  11:30am Worship
Sun May 13 9:30am Worship Rev. Carl "Louisa May Alcott [Founding Mother뭩 of UU][SpokMed: Julia Ward Howe]" Karen Butler Nick Int Veldt Nick Int Veldt
  11:30am Worship
Sun May 20 9:30am Worship Rev. Carl & Samuel Melcher??? "Transitions Sunday [+SP] [Choir Recognition]" Lora Nick Int Veldt Choir Split-Plate
  11:30am Worship
Sun May 27 10:30am Worship Rev. Carl "Sacrifice & Salvation [Memorial Day]" Nancy Pace
Sun Jun 3 10:30am Worship Rev. Carl "Utopianism, Then & Now"
Sun Jun 10 10:30am Worship Rev. Carl "Spooky Action at a Distance [Annual Meeting]"
Sun Jun 17 10:30am Worship Split-Plate
Sun Jun 24 10:30am Worship
Sun Jul 1 10:30am Worship
Sun Jul 8 10:30am Worship
Sun Jul 15 10:30am Worship Split-Plate
Sun Jul 22 10:30am Worship
Sun Jul 29 10:30am Worship
Sun Aug 5 10:30am Worship
Sun Aug 12 10:30am Worship
Sun Aug 19 10:30am Worship Split-Plate
Sun Aug 26 10:30am Worship
Sun Sep 2 10:30am Worship