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Dismantling Racism

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Building Beloved Community at UUCF:

Building the Beloved Community' at UUCF:

This Summer, the Dismantling Racism Team begins a series of Sunday conversations on race, white supremacy and cultural appropriation. These are informal gatherings to raise awareness, deepen our spiritual growth and understanding of these and other issues we face in our community and country.

All are welcome and encouraged to join us for one or any of our conversations.

  • Friendly Forum: Sunday, May 21, 10:30 a.m.: Updates from the Maryland Legislative Ministry of UUA (UULM-MD) from our representative, Stephen Buckingham who will focus on the criminal justice reforms introduced/passed this Session.
  • Friendly Forum: Sunday, June 4: 10:30 a.m. 'Building Beloved Community Conversation' (Room 113)
  • Friendly Forum: Sunday, June 18: 10:30 a.m. Santuary Churches, facilitated by Rev. Mike Morse (Room 113);
  • Film Screening & Potluck: Sunday, June 25, 11:45 a.m. (Room 113). The film, 'Wilderness Journey: The Struggle for Black Empowerment and Racial Justice within the Unitarian Universalist Association', 1967-1970, is a must-see documentary for those of us hoping to understand today's Black Lives of UU (BLUU) movement within the Association. ;
  • 'Film Screening & Potluck: Sunday, July 16, 11:45 a.m. Rev. Carl will introduce the documentary film, 'I Am Not Your Negro', about racism taken from the writings of James Baldwin and lead the post-screening discussion. Bring a potluck dish to share.;

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Sunday, April 9th:

  • Hanging of the 'Black Lives Matter - Join the Conversation Banner' at 9:00 am at the front portico of UUCF, and then;
  • 'Building Beloved Conversations, 12:30 pm (Sanctuary): we'll have a conversation about the banner as well as recent events in the UUA and the events leading up to the resignation of President Peter Morales.

  • Sunday, March 26:
  • Friendly Forum discussion about the history of the Electoral College, Gerrymandering and Race facilitated by the Rev. Mike Morse at 10:30 a.m. in Room 113, and then;
  • An open conversation at 12:30 p.m. regarding ideas for 'Building the

  • January 21 Building Authentic Diversity with Revs. Rob Keithan and Rebekah Montgomery UUCFairfax

Visit here for more information

  • An analytic framework and concrete skills for effectively developing relationships across differences
  • Focus on change in a congregational context
  • Participation is open to everyone regardless of previous experience with this kind of work.

February 18 - Seminary For A Day: Revolutionary Love with the Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis Cedar Lane

March 11-12 Workshop and Worship with Chris Crass, Anti-Racism Movement Builder All Souls, River Road

April 28-30 Revolutionary Love Conference with the Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis Middle Collegiate Church, NYC (Early Bird discount of $150 ends November 13th)

Upcoming Events at UU Arlington

Living the Pledge to End Racism November 12 & 19

Islamophobia: Replacing Fears with Facts November 9th @ 7:30 p.m.

UUs Called to Dakota Pipeline Protests

UUA Board commits $5.3m towards Black Lives of UU

- Rev Carlton Smith's description of how the process the UUA Board followed to make this financial pledge was a spiritual one.
- Acknowledgement of the broken promises in the 1960s around money promised to black UUs.
- Lena Gardner's call to us to the "theological underpinnings" and to "sit with ideas around atonement, around reconciliation, around breaking covenant, around trusting black leadership in particular and what that means, and around living more deeply into our faith values".

You can see a wonderful video recording of some members of BLUU reflecting about this at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H-AHz4sf1g&feature=youtu.be

Lena Gardner said, "it's just really important that we don't lose center of the support and nurturance that black folks in our country are in need of right now, and in particular, UUs in really white congregations, and so a lot of our work as I see it going forward is about that spiritual nourishment, about building and supporting black UUs and continuing the work that we've already started . . . we're really clear that we don't want it to just be like the six of us [as the core part of the Black Lives of UU Collective] making a decision on behalf of people without bringing them into a process of true and authentic building together of what we want to do with this money . . . [black UUs are] fully capable of deciding and doing it together in a truly democratic way".

Lena and others described how the Convening for Black UUs (staff, members, and friends of African descent) that is coming up in New Orleans from March 9th to 12th is an essential part of that coming together and inviting many voices.

Here is a link for folks to go to in order to learn more about that Convening as details become available: http://www.blacklivesuu.com/convening2017/

A great way to stay in the loop is to join the BLUU Mailing List: http://www.blacklivesuu.com/mailing-list

(Note: The short link to this page is frederickuu.org/DismantlingRacism.)''