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Service List

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Date Time Service Speaker Topic/Sermon Liturgist Story Testimonies Hymns Accompanist Music Audio Cameras Ushers Coffee Greeters Desk Duty Welcome
Sun Mar 26 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl " The Dawn of Everything [Auction Sermon] [j&s: stones]" Kathryn Stewardship 1003 “Where Do We Come From?”
1058 ‘Be Ours a Religion"
Nick Choir Bill Jeff (M:Jude)
Sun Apr 2 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "The Power of Adrienne Rich" Kathryn Stewardship 108 "My Life Flows On in Endless Song”
170 “We Are a Gentle, Angry People”
Nick Nick Jude Daylynn
Sun Apr 9 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Re-reading the Bible as Earthlings in Ecological Interdependence [FG: Memorial Flowers]" Kathryn 276 “O Young and Fearless Prophet”
61 “Lo, the Earth Awakes Again”
Nick Choir Jeff Jude
Sun Apr 16 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "100th anniversary of Flower Communion" Kathryn [s-p] Danielle Grace Danielle Grace Daylynn Steve
Sun Apr 23 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Mountains, Rivers, and the Great Earth" Irene [CL:LA] Nick Choir Jeff Daylynn
Sun Apr 30 10:30am Sunday Bhante Sujatha "Finding Contentment in the Western World" Carl [CL:CUUPS] a cappella??? Stephen Darnell Von Steve
Sun May 7 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Asian American Histories of the United States " Kathryn [CL:LA] Nick Choir
Sun May 14 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Founding Mothers of UU: The Extraordinary Life of Mary Wollstonecraft" Kathryn Nick Nick
Sun May 21 10:30am Sunday Maya??? Davin Faris (12-1500w) "Shifting Your Mindset & Blessing New Voices [Child Ded.]" Carl/Melissa [s-p] Nick Choir
Sun May 28 10:30am Sunday Intern Minister Kathryn "What Really Matters?" Carl Joe will select Unity hymns that work on guitar Joe Ginorio Joe Ginorio
Sun Jun 4 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Clif Hardin’s UU Requiem [total music time???]" Kathryn, as needed Choir Recog. Nick Choir
Sun Jun 11 10:30am Sunday Paula Cole Jones [Carl@I/P] "Building a Community of Communities" DRT??? [CL:LA]
Sun Jun 18 10:30am Sunday Ursa Sylvest (they/them) "Animism is for Everyone" [CL:CUUPS;s-p]
Sun Jun 25 10:30am Sunday Richard Warren "topic due 4/25" Lora Powell-Haney
Sun Jul 2 10:30am Sunday
Sun Jul 9 10:30am Sunday
Sun Jul 16 10:30am Sunday
Sun Jul 23 10:30am Sunday
Sun Jul 30 10:30am Sunday
Sun Aug 6 10:30am Sunday
Sun Aug 13 10:30am Sunday
Sun Aug 20 10:30am Sunday
Sun Aug 27 10:30am Sunday
Sun Sep 3 10:30am Sunday