September 6th - 26th,  2010

Guest Artist ..... Frank Duval


MISSION:  The mission of the Visual Arts Committee is to serve as a clearing house for ideas concerning the selection, use and display of all
art objects within the church building.Pursuant to this mission, the VAC will engage in the following activities

           ~Make recommendations to the Board and councils regarding the       
             appropriateness and display of donated, purchased or hand-made objects of art,

           ~Provide information to the Board concerning the timing and cost of recommended special
             art projects

           ~Plan, schedule and execute the display of rotating art shows,

           ~Coordinate sanctuary wall hangings with the Worship Committee,

           ~Publicize the Blanche Ames Gallery art exhibits through the local media,

           ~Maintain a website with information about the VAC; its mission, activities and exhibits

           ~Consult with other committees as needed.


MEMBERSHIP:  The VAC Committee will consist of UUCF members and friends.  Policies and aesthetic decisions will be voted on by five to nine attending members.  The chair(s) will be elected by the committee members from among the UUCF members.  The VAC will participate in the program council and is responsible to the Board of Trustees.

CONTACTS:  Please contact  Maida Wright, the chair of this committee with questions or comments.

MEETING MINUTES: The VAC Committee meets monthly and welcomes UUCF attendees at these meetings. While the meetings are typically held 12:15 PM on the third Sunday of the month at UUCF, these dates may vary. Please consult the Unison to confirm the date. Minutes of these meetings are online.

REPORTS: The VAC Committee Chairs provide a report of the Committees accomplishments yearly. That Annual Report is available online.

                                                                                 The UUCF Blanche Ames Art Gallery

The Visual Arts Committee plans, schedules and executes the rotating art exhibit in the Blanche Ames Gallery located in the UUCF Church. The gallery's name was chosen because Blanche Ames (1878-1969) was an exceptional Unitarian, a leader who serves as an inspiration to us today. With her minutely observed drawings and etchings she illustrated her husband's 7-volume  treatise on orchids. Ames' endeavors extended beyond art. She was a feminist, a leader in civic and charitable affairs, an inventor, an engineer, and an author. An extensive biographical sketch can be found by clicking on Blanche Ames.

                                                                                 Blanche Ames Gallery Exhibits

                                                                  The Annual UUCF CongregationMembers Exhibit



A UUCF tradition of appreciation for visual arts is marked this month with an exhibit by thirteen artists who, in addition to their various activities in supporting this congregation, continue to nurture their creative spirits by producing lovely works of art.   Part of the tradition is a one day exhibit and sale of items we cannot display on the gallery walls.   On July 11, we expand our reception for artists to include several ambitious and talented folks who present their works for your enjoyment from 11:30 until 1:30 p.m.  You have the opportunity to enjoy hand-formed pottery, greeting cards, garden ornaments, beadwork and jewelry by UUCF members Alice Kleinfeld, Gail Padget, Karen Russell, Meg Menke and others. The following artists are represented by works hanging on the gallery walls:  J. Pinoake Browning, Audrey Farnsworth, Barbara Gordon, C. Marie Harold, David Hutchins, Barbara Kenny, Carole Larsen, John Menke, Meg Menke, Hope Sorensen, Bonny Sydnor, Carol Topchik,
Maida Wright.
  All these works are available for sale.  This is a celebration of our creativity.  Thank you for visiting the gallery. 

Visitors may view this show from July 3rd to August 8th but it is advised a call be made to the church office (301-473-7680) for directions and weekday hours.




                                                                      BLANCHE AMES GALLERY  EXHIBIT SCHEDULE FOR 2010

The Visual Arts Committee plans, schedules and executes the rotating art shows at UUCF. Artists interested in showing their work are required to submit to the office at UUCF a completed application. Please download the exhibition_application.


Reception Date/Time                                       
10-31, 2010
                "Love Makes A Family" by Gigi Kaeser

      Jan. 10 / 12:30- 2:30 PM
February                              Rip "Sterling" Smith

          Feb. 7/ 12:30-2 PM
March                   UUCF Pre-School- HighSchool Show
          Mixed Media

4-26, 2010
                                   Larry Costello

       April 4/ 12:30-2:30 PM
2-30, 2010
     Peter Plant, Deb Richardson, Rebecca Jackson, Glen Souder
    Plein Aire Paintings

          May 2/ 12:30-2:30 PM
                             Friday Painters from Shepherdstown
    Paintings & Drawings

         June 6/ 12:30 - 2:30 PM
 July 3-Aug. 8
                          UUCF Members Show
          Mixed Media

 July 11, 11:15 - 12:45 PM
  August 8-31, 2010
                                    No Exhibit

1-26, 2010
                                  Frank Duval

         Sept. 12/  12:30-2:30 PM             
1-31, 2010
                  Russ Poole, Don Dunsmore, Noah Jefferson
        Varying Perspectives - An Exhibit by Three Photographers

        Oct. 3/ 12:30 - 2:00 PM
3-28, 2010
                              Barbara Kenny
        Oil Paintings

        Nov. 7/ 12:30-2:30 PM
   December 2-
Jan 2, 2011
                             David Churchill           Paintings

       Dec. 12 / 12:30-2:00 PM