Blanche Ames Gallery

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick

4880 Elmer Derr Road, Frederick, MD 21703




Artist’s name___________________________________________telephone________________


Type of artwork to be shown: paintings___photos___textiles___other (describe)_____________
List medium/materials used and approximate sizes and number of works you propose to exhibit:

*exhibit dates from __________to_________ *Dates to be negotiated with the gallery.

Submit pictures of your work___ OR list where your work can be seen______________________


     Enclose a brief bio and a list of your experience, if any, as an exhibitor.

                                                                         ­­­for UUCF use:

Members who reviewed artwork and agreed to this exhibit:


Gallery representative:_____________________________date artist notified __________________




Artist’s/Exhibitor’s name____________________________________telephone______________

Exhibition dates from _________________________through_____________________________

Dates, time of hanging_________________________opening date_________________________

Reception date and time________________________removal date and time_________________


                Blanche Ames Gallery is a not-for-profit volunteer service of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick (UUCF) whose purpose is to provide selected

               artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in a beautiful setting to the mutual benefit of the artist, the congregation and the general public. 

Your artwork will hang on the dates stipulated above.  Hanging and take-down times are to be arranged through the UUCF office and the Blanche

Ames Gallery representative.  Your works must be ready for hanging, that is, framed, wired or otherwise prepared appropriately for display, using

the hanging system provided by the gallery.  No bulletin boards or other materials on the walls shall be removed, nor are nails or

adhesive materials to be used.  

Blanche Ames Gallery and UUCF reserves the right to reject artwork that it deems inappropriate for the exhibit.  You will be responsible for the

dismantling of the exhibit on the agreed upon day.

A representative of the Blanche Ames Gallery and/or UUCF Visual Arts Committee (VAC) will be present at the hanging of your artwork and at your

reception to assist with host duties, sales and other help as needed.  Hanging artwork will not be removed during the show, even if sold, except by express permission of the Blanche Ames Gallery committee.  You will be given the name and telephone number of the gallery representative and should contact her/him in advance to arrange for access for hanging, reception and removal.  These times will be coordinated with the UUCF Office Administrator for clearance with the church activities calendar. 

A reception is held on Sunday early afternoon, usually shortly after the second service, about 12:30 until 2:30, although the specific date and time may be negotiable, depending on other scheduled activities within the building.   Food, beverages and post reception clean up will be your responsibility. 

At least six weeks in advance of the show, you will provide a short (about 100 words) biography and an artist’s statement with two or three sample pictures (jpeg) of your work for publication on the UUCF-Gallery website.  In addition you will provide your artist’s statement and biography with a listing of your artwork by title and price to be duplicated and made available during the exhibit.   Blanche Ames Gallery/UUCF agrees to provide an announcement about your show via Sunday service announcements, the weekly UUCF Unison newsletter and the local newspaper.  The Gallery will maintain a guest book and provide a copy of the names and addresses at the end of the exhibit.

Checks for artwork sold during your show should be made payable to UUCF in the full amount of the price of the artwork and forwarded, together with a copy of a completed purchase agreement (available in the gallery) to the UUCF office.  A sales tax is not collected.  UUCF will deduct a 25% commission from the sales total and, on completion of the show, forward a check for 75% of that amount to you, the artist. 


I agree to the above conditions:


Artist’s signature_________________________________________________date____________


Signature for Blanche Ames Gallery__________________________________date____________


After the Visual Arts Committee review, you will be notified by mail with a letter.  If your proposal is approved, the letter will specify dates and a copy of the signed contract will be sent to you.

For further information, contact Carol Silkwood, gallery manager, at, or by telephone, 301-663-5674.  You may also reach the UUCF Office Administrator at 301-473-7680 and ask for contact information to reach other members of the gallery committee.