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Facilities Manager

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick, Maryland (frederickuu.org) seeks to hire a part-time Facilities Manager. Please share this job description with anyone who may be interested and qualified:


  • Primary Contact for maintenance of building (10,000 sq ft) and grounds (6 acres);
  • Coordinate with volunteer members of Facilities Management Team;
  • Contact, compare costs, and supervise contractors and service contracts.

25 hours/week

$23/hour ($29,900 annually)


  • Health insurance upon start date (pro-rated according to the percentage of full-time at shared cost) with additional option of employee purchasing group dental insurance, term life insurance, and long-term disability insurance through the group plan sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).
  • Annual retirement contribution (based on 10% of salary) after the first year

Deadline: Sunday, August 21, 2022 or until filled.

Email with a letter of interest and resume with three references.

Detailed Job Description

General Responsibilities

  • Primary Contact for building and grounds issues
  • Maintenance of the building and grounds
  • Collaborate with volunteer members of Facilities Management Team. (This team is a resource for assistance, guidance, and historical perspective.)
  • Collaborate with volunteer members of Gardening Team on grounds.
  • Align Facilities Management decisions with the congregation's certification as a Green Sanctuary, affirming our commitment to the Earth by creating a sustainable lifestyle for our members as individuals and as a community.
  • Coordinate with the Visual Arts Committee on matters concerning the visual aesthetics of UUCF's interior spaces (design, color, and materials) to minimize visual clutter and sustain the congregation's space as sacred. (Also coordinate with other committees, teams, and groups as needed.)
  • Project management (supervising and coordinating work of contractors)
  • Prepare documents to request service contracts and/or materials
  • Calculate and compare costs for required goods or services to ensure the best deal for UUCF, taking into account both cost and quality.
  • Plan for long-term security and safety of the facility
  • Coordinate preventive maintenance and repair of equipment and systems (HVAC, fire suppression system, alarm system, water, cleaning, pest control, waste disposal, utilities, phone service, sound system, kitchen equipment, and grounds).
  • Coordinate HVAC System (controlled by smart phone app), hardware for multiple wifi networks, and Security System
  • Track services and follow-up to ensure work is completed in a satisfactory manner and initiate any necessary corrective action.
  • Respond to emergencies as they arise and work to resolve all issues.
  • Generally able to arrive on site within approximately 40 minutes.
  • Able to lift and carry 40lbs a short distance.


  • Check "Work Request Register" in UUCF office.
  • Respond to work and service requests in timely manner.
  • Survey building and grounds for damage, equipment/systems failure, or safety concerns.
  • Perform or ensure a fire pump test run, weekly
  • Coordinate (or perform) mowing and trimming of all grounds (seasonal)
  • Coordinate (or perform) snow and ice removal (seasonal)
  • Track and verify use of Facilities Management budget line items.
  • At a minimum, conduct 3 walk throughs of the building (check doors, windows, A/C, bathrooms, water, lights, windows, alarm panel, utilities, etc.), as spread out as possible throughout the week.
  • Coordinate Water Testing Contract with Fredericktowne Labs (3 times per year) and County Health Dept (one test in the 2nd quarter of each year)
  • Coordinate (or perform) upkeep and maintenance of building and grounds
  • Ensure building is clean and all systems operational
  • Coordinate volunteer group efforts when requested
  • Monitor and ensure supplies are replenished
  • Schedule and monitor Commercial Services in accordance with contract requirements:
    • Cleaning (weekly and for special events)
    • Mowing (seasonal)


  • Provide status reports (equipment, building, grounds & budget)--or more often if necessary


  • Schedule and monitor Commercial Services in accordance with contract requirements:
    • Water Treatment
    • Sprinkler and Alarm Systems
    • Alarm Panel
    • Pest Control
    • Heating, Air and Plumbing, HVAC (semi-annual)


  • Participate in Annual Review with the Minister, who serves as chief of staff
  • Coordinate with Finance Committee and Treasurer in the formation of the annual budget
  • Collaborate with the Facilities Management Team to negotiate Contracts and assist in file management for contracts:
    • Propane
    • Electric (annually research rates)
    • Preventive Maintenance and testing of Fire Pump Engines
    • Snow Removal and Ice Control (contract as needed)
    • Telephone
    • Mowing and trimming
    • Pest control
    • Fire Protection
    • Water testing and treatment
    • Alarm panel monitoring

(Note: The short link to this page is frederickuu.org/facilities.)