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Don Dunsmore


Don Dunsmore's diverse 50 year art experience includes theater, music, portrait and nature photography. A self taught photographer, he appreciates the valuable insight into the mysteries of art provided by his good friends and family members. The digital revolution has removed many of the restraints of traditional photography and allowed Don to have a virtual darkroom in his desktop computer. With this he develops and alters photographs as a painter might render a scene on canvas. The resulting images are printed using high quality ink jet technology and special papers that produce archival quality art works.

Don's photos have won awards at the Delaplaine Regional Art Show and Frederick County Art Association Spring Art Show. He also presented a solo show in this gallery and at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center in recent years. Don and his family (Cleo, Kit and Jane) presented a family art show at the Delaplaine, November, 2009.

Don is a member of the Frederick County Art Association and the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center (DVAEC).

Artist's statement

Birds are the subject of my share of this 3 photographer show. I admire the way birds interact with one another and their surrounding environment. We don't always get a good look at birds when we see them, so I decided to slow them down a bit and have a good look at them. Birds, like all of us, have character and I try to capture that character in my pictures. The birds I selected were in my back yard, where I feed and thus attract many year round.

My intent is to capture the natural world and present its intricate beauties in iconic form. Grand landscapes open perceptions, splashing the colorful intricacies of a miniscule flower or a tiny bird to picture nature brings us breathless to face ourselves in this monumental beauty. I hope you enjoy the show.