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Donate Online

Click on the donate button above to make a secure one-time or recurring donation using your credit card, or directly from your checking or savings account. You will receive an automated email immediately confirming your gift or payment. Transactions may be pledge payments (including recurring ones), auction or gallery purchases, workshop fees, etc.,or just to make a contribution to support the ongoing mission and ministry of UUCF.

UUCF's online giving page is hosted by Vanco Payment Solutions, our vendor for payment processing for more than ten years of excellent service. Vanco is PC1 Level One compliant, the highest security standards. If you have any difficulty signing-up for one-time or recurring donations using this online option, please email , and we are glad to help. You can also stop by the UUCF Office on a Sunday morning to work with the Treasurer in person to set-up a one-time or recurring donation.

Financial Pledge

Making a financial pledge to UUCF helps create a steady base on giving to support our mission to encourage spiritual growth, build a beloved community, and act for peace and justice. You can pledge online anytime through frederickuu.org/pledge. (More details are available in our annual Stewardship Letter from March 2024.)

Have you included UUCF in your will or estate planning?

Any bequest, regardless of size, is a meaningful way to leave a legacy of support for Unitarian Universalist values. For more information, visit frederickuu.org/legacy or email .

Message from our Minister

I invite you to reflect on the value you receive from being a part of this congregation. In your time as a member or friend of UUCF, what have you learned? How have you grown? In what ways have you been supported or found opportunities to support others? Sunday Services, social justice actions, Religious Education classes, pastoral care, and so much more--all of these opportunities are made possible by your generous contributions. If you perceive value for yourself and others in the ongoing ministries of UUCF, please consider a donation or pledge to help sustain our ongoing work of living our UU Principles in this world. Your gift helps support our vision of a religious community characterized by freedom, reason, compassion, conscience, and diversity.

Peace to you,

The Rev. Dr. Carl Gregg

Donation of Time or Talent

We are grateful for all the ways UUCF Members and Friends give generously within their means both financially and through their time & talent to support our mission to encourage spiritual growth, build a beloved community, and act for peace and justice. Additionally, during each calendar year, all UUCF Members are required to make at least one “contribution of record,” which can be either:

  • financial - a “contribution of record” connected to your name through a check, credit card (frederickuu.org/give), or cash in an envelope with your name on it (available each Sunday morning in the atrium outside the sanctuary),) or
  • time & talent - a “contribution of record” connected to your name though emailing with a brief description (1-2 short sentences is plenty) of about one aspect of your volunteering at UUCF this year. Among many possibilities, examples could include helping with a Religious Education class, assisting with a social event, contributing musically or artistically, participating on a team or committee, showing up to act for peace and justice, working with our Facilities Manger on buildings and grounds projects, helping with office and administrative tasks, etc.

Donating Stock to UUCF

People who own appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) sometimes ask if they can give them to the Congregation. Yes, you can. Click here to learn more about why to donate stock or other securities, how to do it and what happens after you make this type of gift.

IRA Rollover

If you have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and you are over 72 years of age or older, you are already making a minimum withdrawal every year. There's a way to do this without paying tax on the income!

If you do not need your rollover for living expenses, then opt to give it directly to UUCF. You can give all of your MRD or a part of it, whatever is the right amount for you, and at the same time reduce your taxable income. Many UUCF members are now using this method to pay their pledges.

Check with your retirement account manager to find out how to make a QCD (the name for this special type of IRA distribution.) It can be an attractive giving option if you meet the age requirement and would like to transfer any amount (up to $100,000 per year) directly to UUCF without paying income tax on the transaction.

Other Ways to Give

Does your employer have a procedure for gift matching? Some employers match money given, some match volunteer time. Please inquire at your place of work. The information you'll need about UUCF's tax ID is shown below.

Do you use online banking? If you use this method to set up a one-time or recurring donations, your bank pays the postage and we'll receive the check about five business days after the date you select.

Non-Cash Contributions are accepted as well, however, prior approval is required for items valued over $100. Contact the UUCF for more information.

Items valued at less than $100 may be donated without prior approval. Here is the Receipt for these items: Non-Cash Items Receipt

UUCF tax exempt information

If you are making a donation that requires our Federal Tax ID, it is 52-1161535. We are an approved 501(c)3 organization.

  • The name of our Congregation in all federal tax records is Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Frederick. (We were incorporated in the 1960s. "Fellowship" was part of our name at that time. It cannot be changed in records held by IRS.)
  • UUCF is incorporated in the State of Maryland. In Maryland records, we also began as a Fellowship. Later, when members voted to become a Congregation, we requested to change our "tax name" to Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick, MD. That was approved for Maryland, but not changed in Federal databases.