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Wheeled Snow Shovel Remover (Item 25)

Donated by Elizabeth Middleton

24" blade pushes snow from driveways and walks. No need to lift. We decided to quit shoveling snow entirely (age). Does not work for piled feet of snow, but great for a few inches at a time.

Value: $90.00. Bidding starts at $15.00

Fisherperson Net (Item 177)

Donated by Dave and Nancy Hutchins

Hang it on your belt when fly fishing. Excellent condition.

Value: $10.00. Bidding starts at $5.00

Storm Door Latch Set (Item 178)

Donated by Dave and Nancy Hutchins

New set in original box.

Value: $40.00. Bidding starts at $8.00

Any drafters around? (Item 217)

Donated by Joanne Spivey

Does anyone draw or design homes? Lighty used over 30 years ago in a design class, a C24 Alvin T-Square. These T-squares sell online for about $20. Take yours home today for much less.

Value: $20.00. Bidding starts at $5.00