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Original Celtic Artghan (Item 4)

Donated by Marilou Barratt

This 56" x 70" Aran artghan is made of 19 blocks adapted from the Great American Aran Afghan collection of patterns. Aran knitting originated in the Aran Islands of Ireland made by both women and men to be worn by the fishermen of those islands. The people of the Aran Islands prided themselves on the uniqueness of their designs. The patterns in the book are the winners of a knitter's design contest plus an original pattern designed by Marilou from an old Aran knitting book. The patterns include the classic Celtic designs, cables and knots as well as some pictorial ones like "the tree of life, hearts, pomegranates, bunches of balloons, a church and a spider complete with web. The artghan was created over twelve months by Marilou

Value: $300.00. Bidding starts at $100.00

Raggedy Ann: Hand-made (Item 15)

Donated by Elizabeth Middleton

4' tall classic doll with "I Love You" printed on the heart. Perfect for display, child's room. Big enough to be a companion!

Value: $125.00. Bidding starts at $25.00