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Adult Spiritual Enrichment Registration

Registration Tips

If you have any trouble registering, please email your name and enrollment requests to .

Class Listing

Cancellation: If you find that you must cancel your registration, please let us know so that we can make your space available to someone else. If the class is cancelled for any reason, the class leader/facilitator will notify you. In case of bad weather, we will cancel classes if Frederick County schools are closed or dismissed early. Check the UUCF message by calling the office at (301) 473-7680, or contact the class leader/facilitator directly.

Fees/Donations: For those who are able, a small suggested donation is indicated for some offerings. Remuneration, if any, to professional and outside presenters is included in the suggested donation. Books and materials are usually the responsibility of participants.

To suggest a class or workshop or adult education activity, please see How To Propose Future Courses.

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Feldenkrais at UUCF

Katie Giarth (www.bodyinmotion.com)
Check below to register
Thursdays, 5:30 pm (Chapel) (skip Halloween & Thanksgiving week) (70a)

Feldenkrais at UUCF: 10-week session begins Thursday, October 12, 5:30 p.m. (Chapel). Join UUCF member, Katie Giarth. Feldenkrais employs guided attention and gentle movement with an emphasis on sensory learning. Improves posture, flexibility, coordination, athletic performance, mobility, chronic pain, tension and stress. $10/session or $80 for all 10 sessions (skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving week). Visit: http://www.brainbodymotion.com/ for more information about Katie and Feldenkrais.

UUCF 101: Pathways to Membership

Membership Committee
Saturday, Saturday, November 18, 9:00 am (51a)

Are you considering membership at UUCF? Join the Membership Committee for a half-day intensive exploration of Unitarian Universalist history and principles, specific information about our own congregation, and discussion of our individual spiritual journeys. Participants will receive a free copy of the UUA booklet Welcome: A Unitarian Universalist Primer. Light refreshments will be provided.

Childcare can be provided with one-week's notice to DRE Lora Powell-Haney at .

Sacred Dreamwork; Part I

Rev. Rebecca Hill
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Saturday, December 3, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. (72a)

Have you ever been interested in knowing more about your dreams? This class will introduce to basic concepts, such as why we dream, different types of dreams, the value of befriending our dreams and a basic framework that you can use to explore your night visions. We will also look at several dream examples to deepen our understanding. Cost: $40.

Rev. Rebecca Hill is an Ordained Interfaith Minister with experience in dream work facilitation who has trained at several C.G. Jung Centers in the U.S. and Zurich. If you are potentially interested in participating in a workshop on dream work as a spiritual practice at UUCF, email: Sacred.Dreamwork@gmail.com.

Rewriting Your Story: A Workshop for Changing Your Past, Present, and Future

Julia Jones
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Saturday, December 9, 2017 10:00 a.m. (90 minutes) (71a)

This class allows participants to choose one event from their past that creates suffering for them and re-cast the event in order to release past pain and prevent the event from continuing to limit the participant in the present and the future. Methods used for teaching participants to rewrite their story are based on cognitive behavioral therapy, conscious empathy, and the development of self-compassion.

Through a recasting of the past event, participants will discover how many of their own facts were based on feeling and judgment, will consider alternate motives and explanations for people involved in the event (including themselves), and will access long-term positive growth that comes from even the worst life circumstances.

During the class participants will be asked to write their story as they currently tell it to themselves. The instructor will then lead participants through a sorting exercise where fact and feeling are made distinct. Participants will be reminded that their feelings are theirs and should be honored, but it is possible that a re-examination of the facts and the thoughts we have about them might allow for different feelings. The instructor will lead participants through examining their thoughts about their story and analyzing how those thoughts impact their feelings. The instructor will lead participants to consider new thoughts about the story that are accurate or believable but create less suffering.

The group will consider motives, explanations and other details that can often be more broadly understood and interpreted as we gain experience through aging. Participants will be asked to explore how they feel about themselves in the situation from the past. The instructor will lead participants through exercises designed to release old hurts and provide relief and forgiveness to younger versions of themselves. Participants will then write a new version of their story that acknowledges their current and past strengths and that relieves or at least diminishes suffering from the past event. I am a Martha Beck Trained and BARE Certified Life Coach. I am also a writer. No fee. No childcare. My phone: 301-717-850.

Yoga for Beginners

Irene Glasse
Tuesdays, 10:00 am in the Chapel (10a)

Feeling stressed? Try yoga! Yoga for Beginners offers an accessible pace of basic yoga poses appropriate for beginners or anyone looking for a focused, mindful yoga practice.

Feel free to contact Irene with any questions at

Suggested Donation to UUCF: $5 per session

(The short link to this page is frederickuu.org/AdultRE.)