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Eryka, Dylan & Natalya Andrex

Our May show is a family affair of Artworx by Andrex. Blanche Ames Gallery manager, Ann Andrex is the widow, mother and grandmother of talented artists, Drex, Eryka, Dylan and Natalya. What could be more appropriate for the month celebrating Mothers' Day than a family celebration of art. We invite you to share this joyous event.

Daughter Eryka Andrex has been painting the human figure for many years. Her interest in capturing dance and movement is reflected in her art as well as in her performance and teaching of belly dancing, Zumba, Hula Hoop dancing and Samba. "Catching the movement of dance in painting is very challenging, but when successful, it is magical."

Son Dylan sees himself as "an antisocial person living in Baltimore City" but describes art as "actively participating in the way of Nature." His paintings are rich in texture and color and capture light is a wonderful way.

Granddaughter Natalya is 14 and "loves to draw cartoons and anime (Japanese cartoons)." She also does a lot of life drawing and enjoys using ink, watercolor and markers.

Ann's late husband Drex was a lifelong Unitarian who was driven to create art his whole life. He worked as a systems engineer until prostate cancer ended his life way too early.

Ann is an admirer of many types of art. Fancying herself to have a critical eye, she is able to offer constructive comments to art that is in progress. She has worked as a hydrologist, landscape designer and high school science teacher. Currently retired, Ann is learning to create beauty with clay.

The May show opens with a reception and artists' talk on Sunday, May 7, 12:30-2:00p.m. and runs through May 28. The Blanche Ames Gallery is located at 4880 Elmer Derr Road, Frederick. Please call 301-473-7680 if planning to visit the gallery at times other than the opening.

"Artwork by Andrex," left to right

"Public School Private Parking," Dylan Andrex, "Green Figure," Eryka Andrex, "Picture 2," Natalya Andrex